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exercises for a younger look
About Facial Yoga by Michael Glen
Facial Yoga sessions "Youth is such a wonderful thing. Too bad that it is wasted on the young." ---Bernard Shaw

MICHAEL GLEN developed his Facial Yoga program in 2006. Michael is a certified Yoga Instructor and experienced Facial Fitness teacher who has developed this unique program that is simple to learn, easy to do, and the effects are immediate. And it will fit into anyone's schedule--just a few minutes each day produce guaranteed results -- a healthier and younger looking face!

Michael's programs consist of 3 basic sessions which include Facial Analysis, the development of custom exercises and schedule, techniques for relaxation and stress-free living, and more. Instruction is available on an individual basis, in person, or via the web. Group training (for up to 15 people) is available, and individuals interested in becoming instructors in this method are welcome. Instruction is available on DVD, poster and CD. See PRODUCTS for online purchasing.

Or contact us for individual / group coaching.