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exercises for a younger-look
The Results
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"Learning the exercises was enjoyable and easy. Michael’s idea of “found time” helps me integrate it into my busy schedule rather than trying to make time to do them everyday."
--LEO N.,
San Diego, CA,

  "My face is my business and I have had some work done. Michael's facial yoga exercises keep my muscles firm and toned. I recommend it to anyone wanting to look younger."
--KELLY B., Actor
Hollywood, CA
  "Webcam coaching was what worked for me. It helped me to learn the exercises, and stick with the program. I recommend the second and third segments. They have taught me to stay calm and have more energy."
New York, NY
  "I do my yoga practice in the morning and Michael’s Facial Yoga program fits right in. Froggy Neck always makes me laugh. As Michael says, “Silly sounds and funny faces makes for a light heart. It starts my day right."
New York, NY
"Facial Yoga works! I have tried other programs, but could never stick with them. Michael’s Facial Yoga helps me keep up the workout routine. The coaching was extremely helpful and the yoga has helped relieve stress.”"
Petersburg, AK
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